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"Born in the Cloud" is the motto of our company which reflects the nature of the organization that we create. We are enthusiastic about new technology that can be used effectively to provide our clients with tools that meet their expectations in terms of project management support. We try to respond quickly to the needs of our customers. For many years, together with our customers in Poland and abroad, we have been gathering experience how should process management systems and projects look like, and now we pass this experience to subsequent clients. We have created MVProject as an organization supporting advisory and instrumentally clients in the management of processes and projects. We provide expert services, including technology development using Microsoft tools (SharePoint and Project Server), support in PMO building and developing, substantive advice, planning, monitoring of project implementation, process management and training. We believe in establishing long-term, rewarding relationships with our clients. We can only achieve this goal by providing exceptional quality and expertise for every project that we realize. We measure our performance against the objectives and tasks which we define together with our customers. We can express our operating philosophy, in words of a Buddhist proverb. "Knowledge alone is not enough, you still need to know how to use it," We are experts in solutions supporting project management and we are at your disposal.


The company MVProject meets the needs of our customers based on years of experience with preparation of product supporting systemic project management processes implemented according to Prince2 methodology.

Prince2 for Microsoft Project Server is a software application that extends the standard implementation of Project Server. The application makes full use of Prince2 methodology for project management in the organization. Prince2 solution for Microsoft Project Server, proposed by MVProject, supports all areas defined in the Prince2 methodology relating to the management of projects, including service processes, including in particular the Startup project and project management, maintenance of project documentation, in particular the Project Initiation Document, Assumptions and Project Plan. In addition, the application fully supports the creation of reports allowing ongoing monitoring and analysis of the project. Our solution enables the automation of many daily activities, both Project managers (creating financial reports, presentations, project status), as well as decision-makers (approval of prepared reports and documents management).

Prince2 application for Microsoft Project Server is ideal for organizations where there is a need to use defined and implemented project management methodologies based on Prince2. This solution, with built-in desktop manager allows managers of the Management Board and managing individuals to obtain full knowledge of the portfolio of ongoing projects.

Microsoft Project Server 2013 is a system for managing projects, programs and portfolios of projects in your organization. Microsoft's proposed solution is a full-fledged system of PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) that enables central monitoring of the projects of the company.

The main function of Microsoft Project Server 2013 is the ability to manage projects and programs. The solution is based on well known by the majority, project manager Microsoft Project Professional layer of collaboration by extending Microsoft SharePoint platform. System users gain a central repository project with access to dynamically defined criteria based on the company's organizational structure. With this solution, even in rapidly changing organizations, everyone sees exclusively dedicated to him/her serving data, which in the case of such sensitive information such as costs and the progress of projects (especially investment) is crucial for the development of companies.

Microsoft Project Server 2013 not only supports the management of schedule. With the developed control mechanisms baselines it is also able to assist the organization with financial management related projects. The organization obtains the ability to define the costs needed to be incurred in order to complete the project.